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17 April 2010 @ 06:18 pm




Firstly, thank you to everyone who took an interest in my little idea! I'm nearing the end of my time here in Japan, so I won't be able to continue this service for much longer. I'm trying my best to get everyone's orders taken and done, but it's hard, especially with my exams and preparing to move home etc. So, your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated!

Characters interested in:
Specific items interested in (please list something, with many chara's there are MILLIONS of different things!):
Price range:



Unfortunately, I'm not accepting new friends on this LJ, but feel free to WATCH incase I post anything new regarding the shopping service -- Thanks!

Here's a list of people who've already shown interest and are thus the first I'll be working with.

Lovely people who shown interest:


1)kittensandsteam  -Duffy Pouch - COMPLETED 01/07/2010- FEEDBACK POST 
2)jane_says - Donald&&Daisy (plushies, cell charms, JAPANESE-Y style) --> *See this post, please! -COMPLETED 09/07/2010.
3)kangofu - Jasmine.  - PURCHASED AWAITING SENDING
4) antihero_ - Little Mermaid (Mermaid Lagoon range) - SEE THIS GALLERY.
5)angel_of_chaos -Princesses (Especially Aurora), Villains (Especially Maleficent), Lady & the Tramp, Winnie the Pooh, Classic Characters
6)sir  - Beauty and the Beast(Lumiere&Beast)



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Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on July 12th, 2010 05:33 am (UTC)
Yeah, we wanted to get married at Disney as well, but it was too expensive for us~ -cries-

Sorry it was a long and hot day for you! I know what that is like- It's rarely under 100 for the high here, and in fact at 8:30 at night, it's currently 104°F! Bleh!

Well, I would love to see the pins they had, whenever you get a chance to upload them! :D Is there any other characters you like? Oh, you know, just about every character. HAHA! I suppose to make your life easier, I should at least try to narrow it down, huh!? XD So hard, because I am in love with Disney, and so excited at the prospect of uniquely Japanese merchandise, it's hard to contain my excitement! Okay (apologies in advance if this gets long)

In answer to your question, I do love Winnie the Pooh and all his friends, lol.

1. For the hair accessories, I know you mentioned that this donald one was sold out- are there others similar to these? I love the hair clips they sell in Japan!

2. Pins: I listed the characters mainly to give focus, because in all honesty, I would love any pins unique to TDR. Not sure if they're displayed in the same way as they are here where they have a wall of pins, but if possible, maybe you could snap a pic of the display and I could get an idea that way? If this is a possibility or you have a better idea, lemme know!

3. Stationery: Same as the pins, I just love the Disney stationery available in Japan.

4. T-Shirts: Any cool TDR shirts would be awesome. Not even sure where to begin, as I am not sure what the availability is like of characters, designs, etc.

I went through the Disney Store Japan website and saved some stuff that I liked, dunno if that will be helpful or not, but it's here: http://pics.livejournal.com/angel_of_chaos/gallery/00008089 Obviously I don't expect that they have these exact items in the resort, but just for an idea. I am especially loving the bags with the big heads and little bodies. XD

A couple other questions:

Firstly, do they sell any neat coffee mugs? My fiance is big into coffee mugs and collects them. He's in love with Eeyore, but if that's not available, any cool TDR mug would be awesome.

Also, I am intrigued by the ticket holder and lanyards you posted in the Donald/Daisy post. Do they have these available in other characters as well? (Though I might be interested in the ones in that post as well, I ♥ Donald and Daisy too. haha)

Okay, hopefully this helped and didn't make things more complicated! >.>
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱disneyglitter on July 14th, 2010 03:32 pm (UTC)
Just a quick note to say that I've read your comment but I'm very busy with exams etc atm, so I'll reply in a few days! :D
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on July 14th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
No worries! I definitely know how that goes, but thank you for the heads up! Good luck on your exams!!! :)
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on July 17th, 2010 09:38 am (UTC)
And, in the meantime, I uploaded a few more pics of merch at the park here and if you like Ariel merch, there's a gallery here!
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on July 17th, 2010 10:12 am (UTC)

1. For the hair accessories - For some reason they've sold out of the classic character hair clips and won't be getting anymore. BUT, they have got a few cheshire cat ones clinging on and.. Monsters Inc ones? I also saw Pinnochio's hat, Fantasia!Mickey's blue hat etc.

2. Pins - Pins aren't as big here as in the other parks. But, I've taken some pics of the pins they have and will add them to the gallery shortly. :)

3. Stationery: Wow, stationary is big here in TDR! Do you like those slip folder things? They have a lot of cool ones here. Also, mini notepads are big and pens/pencils. :) Will get some good shots of stuff next week~

4. T-Shirts: Photo's coming up soon! (There's a few in the gallery atm)

5. In your gallery - they are still selling those t-shirts atm, if you wanted a particular one?? The others might be sold out, but I'll check next week! :D

6. Coffee mugs - I know they sell alot of neat mugs! Annnd they have an exclusive Winnie the Poo store by Hunny Hunt.. so I'll take a look there for you~

7. Lanyards etc - Yeah, they are big on lanyards here! They have so many different types! I'll take some shots! :)

Ok, So, basically, I'm gonna be free for the summer from wednesday sooo I can get replies/pics taken quicker then! So bear with me~ I hope we can find some nice things for you before I have to leave~ :D
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on July 19th, 2010 03:15 am (UTC)
OMG! So excited!! haha. Alrighty, from your previous post, I am VERY interested in getting the Tokyo Disneyland Print Satchel, the Ladies T-shirts of Daisy and Minnie (How do the sizes run?), as well as the hairclips with Ariel and Flounder and possibly the Baby Ariel Bag, and Baby Ariel set of 3 tumblers.

I'll keep with our list format, seems to make things easier!

1. I am definitely interested in the hair accessories! All of those that you mentioned sound awesome, so I would definitely like to see those, if that's possible!

2. Also interested in the pins. I thought I saw 6 different designs in the picture in your gallery, so I would probably do one of each design.

3. I love all kinds of stationery, so definitely excited to see what they have! I do a lot of letter sets and notepads and stuff like that.

4. Definitely can't wait for the photos of the t-shirts.

5. All of the shirts are cute. I really liked the Daisy, Minnie, and Chip & Dale.

6. Oh goodness, my fiance would be in heaven! We always try to get a neat coffee mug for us when we go to DL or WDW, but they've been lacking lately. (We've bought most of the ones we liked, I think, HAHA)

7. I Love lanyards! I have a couple that I use for my tickets in the park, but I like variety!

I also thought of a couple more questions, hopefully you're not tired of me yet, hehe!!

Stitch! The Disney Store seemed to have a lot of cute Stitch stuff, especially the bags! Is it the same in the parks, or not really? Also, curious about the Shellie May Bear.

At any rate, super excited about this and can't wait to see what you come up with! :D
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on July 20th, 2010 01:59 pm (UTC)
Ok, LJ just ate my long comment so I'll try again...

1) Hair accs - Ok, I'll take a few pics and get prices. They average at around 1000yen per clip (the plushie ones) but the Ariel and Flounder are cheaper~

2) The pins you liked, which ones were they? I'll get pries and closeup pics!

3) Ok letter sets and notes, will check it out!

4) With the Disney store shirts - what size are you? They didn't have much left and I'm worried they might not restock~ And Tshirt sizes tend to be little on the small size (asians!!) so be careful and maybe order a size up? idk, it depends on your body shape!

5) Ok, I'll get more pics of shirts in TDR.

6) And coffee mugs!!

7) And Lanyards!!

8) Shellie May? The plushie ?? I <3 her!!

9) Regarding Stitch! They've just started a new range on him at TDR. It's kinda like that disney land print satchel you likied but with Stitch in the resort as a whole.. They've got backpacks and assorted merch, if you like I can take pics!!

Ok, just a quick note to say that there is a SMALL chance I might not get all this done before I leave because the summer break starts next week and I only have 3 weeks left. I wanna enjoy my remaining time here, so if I can't get it done in time, I'm really, really sorry!! I think I bit off more than I could chew with this service and people want a lot more than expected. I totally understand, but I might not get t done. Especially with the park being so damn busy! XD;;;

Sorry! But let's see if we can do an order, I'd hate to not be able to do it! (Maybe a smaller order? Idk..we'll see next time I reply with pics etc)

Ok let's hope LJ posts this!!!

Thanks!! :))
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on July 20th, 2010 05:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, no! don't be sorry, I completely understand. I know I probably got overexcited, so lemme try and condense things a bit, yeah?

1. I would still like to see the hair accessories if possible.

2. It was these pins.

3. This one might be harder with so much variety, so we can scrap this if it makes things easier.

4. Since this is limited, we can scrap this one as well.

5. Again I think this one might be a bit time consuming, so we can scrap this too.

6. Would still like to see the coffee mugs, if possible.

7. And the lanyards.

8. What are the chances of getting a Shellie May plushie? She seems so cute!

9. Stitch is awesome, so if you get a chance to take pics, that would be cool, but if not, then don't stress about it.

Okie dokie, so if I go with the merch mentioned in my other post and then take those things mentioned out of the equation, does it make it at all easier on you?? Like I said, I don't want you to stress over it.

Hope you do manage to enjoy your remaining time! I'm still so jealous! XD
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on July 24th, 2010 10:29 am (UTC)

1. Coming up next trip! :) They do a lot of scrunchies (Actualy, I'll take some shots from my Disney Fan magazine and post them asap, keep checking the usual gallery~ ;) )

2. Ok, will get prices for these, should be around 800yen each. :)

3& 5. T-shirts/Stationary -Aw, ok. Well, I'll post some pics of the latest TDR tee's from my magazine, just incase~

4. Ok, if you're sure! (sorry! D:)

6. coffee mugs - sure, will get pics asap! might be some in magazines, so if there is I'll update the gallery with those, too.

7. And the lanyards - posted some in the gallery just a sec ago! Enjoy!!

8. What are the chances of getting a Shellie May plushie - 100%! I can get you one for 3800yen (oh and all these are before my charges, just wanted to say! :) )

9. Stitch range - Again, check gallery got some pics from the magazine that show the pattern design and some of the merch from the range!

Ok, so basically check the gallery in the next hour or so for more stuffs! And lemme know if anything catches your eye! :)

Thanks alot!!
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on July 24th, 2010 05:17 pm (UTC)
Ok! So, my list from the other posts, I think I will revise and say:

1. Tokyo Disneyland Print Satchel
2. Hairclips with Ariel and Flounder
3. Baby Ariel Bag

and then add:

4. The Pins
5. The bottom Daisy lanyard from THIS pic. It looks like it may be sequined or something?
6. And the Mickey and Minnie kissing lanyard from THIS pic.
7. Shellie May Plushie

So then, I would just be waiting to see the pics of the hair plushies and the coffee mugs? I believe? I'm super excited about the Monster's Inc. and little hats you mentioned! :D I am thinking of the coffee mug as part of the wedding gift for my fiance, haha. We're such big kids! Also, do they still sell any of these: Stitch, Alien, Pooh, or the Mike one in THIS pic? If so, I would add those as well.

T-shirts/Stationary -Aw, ok. Well, I'll post some pics of the latest TDR tee's from my magazine, just incase~ I know! I am like a kid in a candy store as it is, but when it comes to stationery, I can go crazy, so I will just save you that headache XD

Anyway, I am trying to be specific as possible and make definite decisions to make things easier on you. Hopefully it's working! ;>.> HAHA!

P.S. Have I mentioned how awesome you are? If you want, I'd love to send a thank you gift from DL/WDW when I go in October. Maybe some of the cool Halloween merch they (hopefully) will have this year? If you want to keep in contact until then, we can figure something out. If you like, of course! ;) Either way, I really do appreciate this and all your patience with my excitement! XD
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 2nd, 2010 08:39 pm (UTC)
hope all is well and that you're enjoying your time!
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 3rd, 2010 02:53 am (UTC)
ack! just noticed LJ cut off the rest of my message! it said:

"i know it must be kinda sad, but hopefully you're having a ton of fun and getting in a lot of last minute playtime!! ^.^ "
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on August 4th, 2010 09:10 am (UTC)
Hey there!

Ok, so sorry for the late reply! Buuut I think we're all set! I have written the price including my charge to save confusion and time! Some things are prices from memory so if they're different in price from what's written here, I'll take the left overs and add that money to your shipping instead, if that's cool? I'm very, very good at prices (I spend so much money there shopping) so it'll be pretty much 90% correct.

Here we go...

1. Tokyo Disneyland Print Satchel -3500yen.
2. Hairclips with Ariel and Flounder -600yen.
3. Baby Ariel Bag 2200yen.

and then add:

4. The Pins you chose are 1000yen each.. how many did you want btw? XD
5. The bottom Daisy lanyard 1700yen - yep sequined with a neck strap and bag chain to attach it to your purse.
6. And the Mickey and Minnie kissing lanyard -1800yen.
7. Shellie May Plushie 4500yen -> The queues are huge for these plushies, so hence the larger fee.. sorry.. it'll take over an hour to get her.. :/ But, for that price, I'm fine with waiting. XD
8. Large head character lanyards from the pics you linked me - 1200yen each. Pretty sure they still do them all, maybe NOT the alien one, though.. defo seen Stitch, Poo etc last week.

So a general total would be - 25,100yen / 294$ and then shipping, which we'll add on after I've got them all paid for and weighed :)

Also, would you like any maps from the parks and extra bags given when purchasing etc? It might add a little weight.. so I wanna make sure it's ok with you first. ^^

And, check out the gallery - added pics of mugs and hair clips with prices! :) The Monsters Inc ones are Sully and Boo (they're just like the Goofy/Donald ones on the pic in the gallery and are the same price) I forgot to take pics and won't be going back until next week, when hopefully I can purchase all your goodies.. so it's up to you if you wanna add them without seeing them first.

I promise you they're cute! XD But, IDK if you like those chara's.. or wanna buy something without seeing them first? Lemme know!

Also, thanks for your comments! I'm really trying to enjoy my week and a bit here in Japan! XD It's really depressing knowing that I'm going home, but I guess it's good to see my family.


Thanx for your interest! X
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 4th, 2010 05:06 pm (UTC)
Hiya! No worries! I figured you were trying to get in as much fun as possible, which is totally understandable!!

So, as far as the pricing goes, that's fine, you can add any leftover, if there is some, to the shipping.

1. Tokyo Disneyland Print Satchel -3500yen.
2. Hairclips with Ariel and Flounder -600yen.
3. Baby Ariel Bag 2200yen.
4. The Pins you chose are 1000yen each.. how many did you want btw? XD- I would like 1 of each, 6 designs, so 6000yen total?
5. The bottom Daisy lanyard 1700yen - yep sequined with a neck strap and bag chain to attach it to your purse. (this looks so cool!!)
6. And the Mickey and Minnie kissing lanyard -1800yen.
7. Shellie May Plushie 4500yen -> The queues are huge for these plushies, so hence the larger fee.. sorry.. it'll take over an hour to get her.. :/ But, for that price, I'm fine with waiting. XD that's awesome! I had read afterward that the lines can get kinda long, so if you're willing, I am totally fine with the larger fee!
8. Large head character lanyards from the pics you linked me - 1200yen each. Pretty sure they still do them all, maybe NOT the alien one, though.. defo seen Stitch, Poo etc last week. sounds good, so I would do one of each of these: Pooh, Stitch, Mike Wazowski, and should I just pay for the alien one, and if they don't have it, that can go to the shipping as well?

Maps and bags would be cool, yeah!

Okay, so from the pics you added, the mugs:
TDR mug and the Pooh mug

Hair clips:
Yes, I would like the Sully and Boo ones, and then the Pinocchio hat, and the Stitch (the character plushie). Is that an older pic of the hair clips, or did they get more Donald ones in? If they did, I would like a Donald as well! XD

Okay, so just let me know the total to send you and I will do so ASAP.

Hehe, yeah, I went away this weekend, and I was having such a great time, I was thinking how much I didn't want to come home and I thought about you and how you were probably feeling the same. You sound like me, though, I want to see my family and everything, but I always get sad about leaving whenever I am having an awesome time! Do you think you'll go back again at some point? I am hoping to use my DVC points and maybe make a trip out to Japan in 2012, since the rest of this year and next are pretty much booked! haha.

Anyway, thanks again. I really appreciate all of this!
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on August 4th, 2010 06:04 pm (UTC)
Hey again! Thanx for the quick reply!

1. Tokyo Disneyland Print Satchel -3500yen.
2. Hairclips with Ariel and Flounder -600yen.
3. Baby Ariel Bag 2200yen.
4. The Pins you chose are 1000yen each so 6000yen.
5. The bottom Daisy lanyard 1700yen.
6. And the Mickey and Minnie kissing lanyard -1800yen.
7. Shellie May Plushie 4500yen.
8. Large head character lanyards from the pics you linked me - 1200yen each so 4800yen.
9. Poo mug - 1000yen.
10. TDR mug - 950yen.
11. Hair clips of characters 1250yen each so with Stitch, Boo, Sully and Donald 5000yen. -> Yep, they now have Donald back in stock~! :)
12. Hair clips of Pinocchio hat 1000yen.


33050yen / 383$ and my paypal is princess_slytherin at hotmail.com

I hope you enjoyed your weekend away! :) I always hate leaving holidays behind and going back to normality. XD; I'm going to Disneyland Paris for 4 days in October for my Fiance and I's three year anniversary, though, so at least I have that to look forward to once I'm back home from Japan and feeling sad.

And, I just saw your comment about Halloween goods! Omg, Thanks for the offer!!! I feel really bad asking, but do they sell like large-ish tin badges, like these?(scroll down, it's my tumblr, lol) I'd ADORE one of those for Halloween if they did it, or if not, a postcard is great (Pluto!!!) I collect Disney tin badges and postcards. X3 Obviously, if it's too much, I totally understand. Thanks so much!!!

Edited at 2010-08-04 06:11 pm (UTC)
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 4th, 2010 09:33 pm (UTC)
I just got back from turning in some paperwork for the new semester! How quickly time flies, huh? Okay, would it be possible for you to send me a payment request through paypal? My address for that is sbill13 at hotmail.com.

Slytherin, eh? That's a wonderful house!! :D

I did enjoy the weekend, though. It was mainly to check out some stuff for the wedding, but the weather was so great out there, I didn't want to come back to Nevada! It would be nice if holidays could last longer, don't you think? How is Disneyland Paris in comparison to TDR? I have heard that the Phantom Manor is pretty cool! And how cool, since I'll be getting married in October we'll have an anniversary month in common in addition to a love of Disney!

I am sad to say I haven't seen anything like those sold out here, although I am extra jealous now! haha! I will definitely keep an eye out for postcards while I am there, Disneyland seems to have a better supply than WDW, which is kinda strange to me! Either way, it's totally cool with me, and if you can think of anything else that might strike your fancy between now and then, please let me know. I love sending people gifts! I'm weird, I know! XD
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on August 5th, 2010 12:02 am (UTC)
Hey :)

Just a quickie cuz I've got to head out, but I sent you the request! Hope you receive it ok!

I'll reply back properly later on!

Thanks x
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 5th, 2010 07:08 am (UTC)
got it and paid! ahh! so excited!!
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱disneyglitter on August 4th, 2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
Oh and sorry, I forgot to add:

I'm planning on coming back to Japan ater I graduate next May! I wanna be an English teacher (I do Japanese/TESOL at Uni) or work at TDR (a dream job!)

So, I really think my future lies here in Japan! It feels like home to me.. XD

And, omg, you should come here! TDR is awesome (oh and Japan is pretty neat, too :P) I hope you can visit one day! :)

Btw, do you have a twitter/tumblr? I don't really update this LJ, only private entries, but I'm on twitter and tumblr often. But, I'd love to read your entries, so can I add you here? :D
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 4th, 2010 09:45 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh, that's awesome! My brother told me I should teach English in Japan a while ago. I hadn't really looked into it, but I think it sounds great! And I am totally with you on working at TDR! I tell my fiance every time we're in the parks that I wish I could work there so I could always have my Disney fix! Sounds like you've made a connection with Japan, though, and with my fascination from afar, I can only imagine how that would increase actually being immersed in it!

I have been wanting to visit Japan for SUCH a long time now! I was so excited about the fact that the Disney Vacation Club allows you to use your points at other Disney resorts, and that TDR was one of them! One of the reasons I was all for joining. I am excited that not only is my fiance as into Disney as me, but he's just as excited about visiting Japan as well!

I have a twitter, karabilly is the name for that one. I haven't tried tumblr, though I am intrigued by it! And feel free to add away on any of those, I'll add you so you can see my entries on here. You can ALSO find me here: blogger- I also have a blog addiction. >.> I have been slow in updating lately with the wedding and junk, though, I am working on entries about the wedding and Disney at the moment! HAHAHA
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on August 5th, 2010 10:42 am (UTC)
Hey there!

Received your payment, thanks so much for the speediness, it really helps!! :)

I really hope you can make it to Japan one day. I think everyone should try and visit here at least once, it's truly a beautiful place!

So, when are you getting married? That's so lovely your fiance is as mad as we are about Disney! My guy is interested but he's more into the rides than anything else! XD He does have a soft spot for Pluto, like me, too, though! ^^

I'll add you in various places asap. Just had a busy day taking in the sights last minute.. so I'm knackered and am heading for an early night in with a Disney movie~ X3

Anywho, so your payment should clear in 3 days and then I'll head to the park and get the stuff.. then I'll weigh it and get you a shipping quote!

Thanks alot and take care!!
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 5th, 2010 09:30 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I figured we're down to the wire here, so best to be as speedy as possible! ^.~

I hope I can as well! It's been a dream to visit for a very long time now, so the idea that I may be able to go very soon is awesome!

We're getting married on October 2nd. I did get lucky, though. He likes getting the annual passes, and it makes things a lot more fun when he's enjoying it as much as I am! You guys would love going to Goofy's Kitchen at the Disneyland hotel in California, then! The official picture they take before your meal is with Pluto! XD (here's one from our first annual Disney trip with friends of ours: PIC.)

Sounds like the perfect ending to a fun day! what did you end up watching, if you don't mind me asking? >.> I babysit my niece a lot and she LOVES the Disney channel, and really all things Disney, which is a total plus for me! hehe.

At any rate, super excited for everything! And I hope you had a relaxing night after your busy day!

ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on August 10th, 2010 06:25 am (UTC)
Hey sorry for the late reply! ]:

Wow, October 2nd? That's pretty soon! I bet you're excited! :) That's so cool that you're fiance loves Disney so much! My guy likes getting AP's and visiting every week here, so I'm lucky, too.. He just hates shows LOL.

I've FINALLY got the money through PayPal (It took nearly 6 days!!!) and I'm getting really panicky about whether or not I'll have the money for the shipping in time for when I leave Japan (The latest I can do it is like.. Monday morning here) SO, if you could do me a BIIIIG favour and paypal me like 10,000yen for shipping now? I know its cheeky but I'm so worried that I won't be able to ship it in time.. I can probably JUST afford any extra on top of the 10,000yen (if there is any) but the bulk of it is beyond my financial capabilities..

I hope you don't mind.. :/ I'm going to the park tonight and tommorow to get stuff for both you and the other girl so I should get a quote hopefully by tommorow afternoon here..

Is this too much to ask? I'm so sorry if it is! I remember shipping a parcel that was pretty heavy and it cost around 10,000yen (obviously any extra I'll paypal you back!)

Lemme know what you think, and once again, I'M SORRY! ;_;

(and that pic of Pluto and you guys is ADORABLE!!! so jealous!!!)

Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 10th, 2010 04:47 pm (UTC)
It's okay! Like I said, I know you're probably trying to do a million things before you leave!

Yeah, I can't believe how fast time has flown by! I started planning with more than a year to go, and now it's almost time and I feel like I need more time, so it's been extra stressful! It's awesome that we both have great guys who indulge in our Disney obsession, huh? Mine will go to most shows, though he wasn't too happy when I made him go watch American Idol with me. XD

Anyway, it sucks that it took so long for paypal to get the funds to you! It's really annoying since it usually only takes three days, you're right.! I sent the cash to cover the shipping, so hopefully you'll feel less panicky about it. I completely understand, though, 'cause I would be so sad if I didn't get my TDR stuff, haha! It's been the bright spot in all the stress I'm going through at the moment! :D

Also, if you get the chance, would it be possible to upload pics of the merch after you purchase it? I know you said you do anyway, but I promised the boy I would ask- he always gets apprehensive about large purchases and the wedding has made him even worse!! He drives me crazy sometimes, but I love him. HAHAHA!!

Hope you're enjoying your last few days! At least you'll most likely be going back in the future, so hopefully that helps make you feel a little less sad about leaving. Also, I would love to see pics from Disneyland Paris when you go in October. And remember to let me know if there is anything else you might like from the parks when I am in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I can see if they have any special Halloween pins with Pluto, maybe? Or any other Pluto Halloween merch. Just let me know.

But, yes, if you ever make it to Disneyland in California, make sure to eat at Goofy's Kitchen so you can get your picture with Chef Pluto! Too cute!
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Also, on a side note, whilst packing my room yesterday I came across my TDR Minnie Mouse Poncho.. (http://pics.livejournal.com/disneyglitter/pic/000fabft) and was wondering, cuz you like Minnie, too.. if you wanted to buy it? I'll take like.. 10$ for it. I've literally worn it once, lol and it still has it's carry tote and has only creases on it from being in the tote. It hasn't rained enough here! But, it's so cute I don't wanna throw it away, y'know? (and my suitcase is already pushing the weight limit.. ;_;)

If you don't have any use for it, I totally understand! Lemme know! More pics of it in the usual gallery~

Thanks and don't feel like you have to have it! :D
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