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24 April 2010 @ 06:20 pm


This is really for the attention of jane_says  but if anyone sees anything they themselves like, please feel free to comment!

Sorry I've taken awhile to reply with items but the weather has been HORRENDOUS here for the past week. So, as you can imagine, travelling out to TDR and walking around has been pretty much a no-go!

So far, these are the items I've found. There are plenty more in other shops in the park but I haven't been able to get out to them yet.. SO, expect more next week IF the weather improves (I'm sure it will :D)

These are a small selection from the "Bon Voyage" store outside the park:


Pair cellphone charms. These are REALLY cute! Metallic with shiny glittery enamel and the most adorable designs! These could be used for couples, friends, or if you SHIP Donald/Daisy, wear them both on your cell to show it!

 A Donald Duck cell charm - This is really popular! As you can see, it's a little Donald with movable limbs and a cute rubber ring and a few jewels on it. The second one is a keyring type thing. I've seen these alot in Japan, I myself have a Pluto one. It allows you to attach keychains to tote bags and they all hang off the donald.. (HARD to explain, hope you understand what I mean, lol!)

 Two Donald Plushies. The first one is a hand puppet, for size, you can see my hand inside it (that sounds SO wrong, lol) and the second is a cute "hand knitted" donald! He looks kinda angry, which suits his character, right?!

Donald and Daisy plushie sets. The first is Donald and Daisy wearing T-shirts of themselves. They are magnetized to one another so their cheeks touch. Cute~ Also, the second is a smaller pair with Donald's beak magnetized to Daisy's cheek so they're kissing~

 A donald face ticket holder.. I forgot to take a pic of the back, but it's got a slot on the back where you can put a park ticket or a card of your choice.. I put my train pass in my Pluto one. It has a blue clip that you can use to attach it to your bag, belt, purse etc. The second is a set of Donald/Daisy lanyards in the style of "rubber duckies" I think they're for couples or friends or you could have two to choose from! They also have a slot on the back for tickets/cards etc and you wear them around your neck. It has an adjustable length for the neck strap.

 Finally, a cute little Donald Duck hair clip. It has a plushie of Donald attached to a hair clip. You can wear it however you want. I've seen people wear it in their hair, on hats, on shirts etc.. I have a Pluto one, hehe.

If you want anymore PICS let me know! I can also provide prices if you're interested in anything. I might have to wait til I revisit for some prices as I'm not 100% sure. LOL.


Oh and this was in the latest Disney Fan:

If you like Donald and Pirates, maybe you'll find something interesting? It's not from TDR but the Disney Store EXPO and won't be released until next month.. so until then, take a look at the pics?

 I think the tote is adorable, haha! I kinda want it, too! :S



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What Jane Says: Going somewhere!jane_says on April 24th, 2010 05:48 pm (UTC)
Bad weather in Disney is always sad. At least it's always made me a bit depressed.

It's all so adorable! They rarely have anything like this in the States.

I know I have to have the charms where Donald and Daisy are butt to butt, the kissing plush and that hair clip.

Let me know what the financial "damage" is. (^_^) I meant to friend you the other day but I forgot.
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱disneyglitter on April 26th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah, makes me sadface!

The weather is actually clearing up later in the week, SO, I'll get down there and find out the "damage".

Thanx for the add~!
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱disneyglitter on April 29th, 2010 06:11 pm (UTC)
OK, sorry for taking so long, but I finally got out to the park today and got round to checking prices..

Ok, so-

1) Butt-to-Butt Cellphone Charm Set - 1260yen ($13.40).
2) Donald and Daisy Kissing Plush Set - (oops,Just realized right now when I re-read your comment.. I only checked the T-Shirt wearing set cuz for some stupid reason I thought you wanted that one! Eeep) I'm gonna guess that they're around 2500yen($25.50) as the bigger t-shirt ones were 3200yen($34) BUT I'll check for sure and let you know ASAP!
3) Hair Clip - 1000yen($10.60).

Charge - TBC. (I'll probably charge around 1500yen($16) to cover cost of going to the park and for the service itself, hope this is OK! )
Shipping - TBC.

Current estimated total: $65

This is just an initial pricing, once we've discussed more and I've got the correct price for the CORRECT plushie set, I'll comment again. Sorry this is taking so long, I'm totally new to this.. ^^;

Plus, I'm sorry if the "damage" is alot! TDR stuff is pretty expensive, well, Disneyland merch in general is (well, park's I've been to, like Paris, HK, Tokyo etc) but the merch is really good quality and adorable. I hope you'll decide to purchase something because I think it's really unique and really well-designed stuff! LOL.

What Jane Says: Going somewhere!jane_says on May 5th, 2010 12:19 pm (UTC)
Sorry it took so long to respond! I've been buried under projects for the last week.

That's right around what I expected the damage to be. Just let me know the final price for everything and shipping and whatnot.

Hopefully I will be up by Disney World this weekend, if not I'm going up on the 15 anyway. I'll be on the look out for Pluto things. Is there anything you absolutely love or hate? Shirts, plushies, off the wall stuff?
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ Disney is lifedisneyglitter on May 7th, 2010 02:26 am (UTC)

Updated list:

The kissing plushie set is 1500yen!

I also saw a new cell charm whilst there yesterday (no surprise, I bought the Pluto version, lol ;;) It's a Japanese-style Donald plushie with "DO-NA-RU-DO" (How the Japanese pronounce Donald) written on a wooden block with "TOUKYOU DIZUNII RANDO" (Lol, Tokyo Disneyland..)in Japanese on the other side.

It's pretty darn cute, here's a pic, and one of the back of the block! It's 680yen($7.40) if you're interested, just thought I'd tell you! :3

Anyway, I'm not entirely 100% sure how much the shipping'll be. I'm going to take some stuff that weighs similar and get a price there. I've never done this before so.. lol.. Sorry if it seems so unpro! :);;;

So the new total (without shipping):

1) Butt-to-Butt Cellphone Charm Set - 1260yen ($13.40).
2) Donald and Daisy Kissing Plush Set - 1500yen($16.30)
3) Hair Clip - 1000yen($10.60).

Charge - 1500yen.
Shipping - TBC.

Current estimated total: $57ish!


Edited at 2010-05-07 02:42 am (UTC)
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱disneyglitter on May 7th, 2010 02:45 am (UTC)
Annnd, Pluto stuff, HO BOYYYY!

I'm really into cellphone charms... Like real cutesy ones and ones where Pluto's "grown up" - not too keen on the "Disney Babies" version of Pluto.. (god, I'm so specific, lols!)

I DO collect Pluto Pins, BUT, I order alot from online SO maybe if you see any unique ones, take a pic? I'd hate for you to buy one I've already got.. ):

Also, Purses/Bags etc, I LOVE!

Not really collecting anymore plushies/shirts though.. :) Also, any like.. ears or hats that aren't ridiculously silly would be interesting.

If possible, could you take some quick snaps of anything you see if you go this weekend for me to see? THANKS!

This is fun, teehee! x