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17 April 2010 @ 06:18 pm




Firstly, thank you to everyone who took an interest in my little idea! I'm nearing the end of my time here in Japan, so I won't be able to continue this service for much longer. I'm trying my best to get everyone's orders taken and done, but it's hard, especially with my exams and preparing to move home etc. So, your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated!

Characters interested in:
Specific items interested in (please list something, with many chara's there are MILLIONS of different things!):
Price range:



Unfortunately, I'm not accepting new friends on this LJ, but feel free to WATCH incase I post anything new regarding the shopping service -- Thanks!

Here's a list of people who've already shown interest and are thus the first I'll be working with.

Lovely people who shown interest:


1)kittensandsteam  -Duffy Pouch - COMPLETED 01/07/2010- FEEDBACK POST 
2)jane_says - Donald&&Daisy (plushies, cell charms, JAPANESE-Y style) --> *See this post, please! -COMPLETED 09/07/2010.
3)kangofu - Jasmine.  - PURCHASED AWAITING SENDING
4) antihero_ - Little Mermaid (Mermaid Lagoon range) - SEE THIS GALLERY.
5)angel_of_chaos -Princesses (Especially Aurora), Villains (Especially Maleficent), Lady & the Tramp, Winnie the Pooh, Classic Characters
6)sir  - Beauty and the Beast(Lumiere&Beast)



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Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 10th, 2010 07:44 pm (UTC)

No worries!! I was actually going to ask you if it would make it easier if I got a shipping guesstimate from you and sent the funds ASAP, you just beat me to it! ;) He'll be fine, he's paranoid about money in general, I'm just humoring him to ease his mind. Haha!!

I'm glad that you are less stressed about it now, though, and I know how you must feel. You've got enough on your plate without worrying about this as well! And I was thinking about the same thing when paypal was taking a bit to transfer the funds, so this puts my mind at ease as well!

AHH! I love it!! So exciting to actually see the stuff that will be mine versus the pics in the stores, if that makes any sense! I'm still not fully awake, so don't mind me if I'm not making sense! haha. I just wanna squeeze the Shellie plush, she looks so cute!!

As for the rain coat, I figure I am leaving it up to fate to see if it was meant to be, haha. I know we weren't sure about the Alien, so if that one isn't available, it works out, or if, like you said, there is any left from shipping. But it is SOOOOO cute!

And the fiance will be okay, so don't feel bad about it. ;) The pics did help to ease his mind. I tell him he's my groomzilla, though, because he's been freaking out a lot with all the wedding stuff and everything! XD

I'm glad we met through this and I would definitely love to keep in touch as well! And corny is okay, I can be pretty corny myself. >.> And who knows, perhaps if you're in Japan by the time I manage to get out there, we can have a little Disney meet-up! I'd enjoy that!

Talk to you soon!
ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on August 12th, 2010 05:37 am (UTC)
Hey there!

I've NEARLY finished your shopping! (sorry for the late reply, spent all day at Disneyland chasing Pluto and got very sunburnt and then got sunstroke ;__;)

Cuz you've already paypal'd me the shipping guesstimate, I'm not worried though so I'm gonna finish your shopping either tonight or tommorow morning! :)

Oh, and I posted pics on my tumblr again!!! Check it out http://disneyglitter.tumblr.com :3

Uh, a few things to say:

- It wasn't a SULLY plushie hair clip.. It's actually MIKE... do you still want it? It's a little Mike and I believe he's wearing one of those blue hard hats.. (My camera died before I could take a pic, again, from Pluto chasing!!)
- Haven't seen the Alien or the Mike lanyard in the park.. so I'm gonna do one more check tommorow and tonight and HOPEFULLY somewhere will have them! (I've seen people wearing both though, so next time I'll stop one and ask them where they got it!!)

If not, I've seen some cute things in the park which you might like..?

I saw a Mike and Sully plushie hair tie (Idk if your hair is too short, though.. But it was cute!) and Mike hair clips (like the Ariel/Flounder ones you've got but just Mike's!) Not sure of the exact prices, I literally saw them as a I walked out the store, but I'd assume the hair ties is around 1200yen and then clips are the same as the Ariel and Flounder ones (like 600yen? I can't remember, but it's written somewhere in the comments above)

So, if you want they can be for IF I can't find those Alien/Mike lanyards?

Ok so finally here's what I'm missing and will be buying next from your list:

1)POSSIBLY the Mike plushie clip.
2)4 of 6 of the pins.
3)Alien and Mike lanyards.

Everything else is bought and awaiting shipment!

And I'm really sorry if my comments aren't too personal, lol... (BUT, yes let's meet up if we're in Japan at the same time!!!) if that makes sense, I'm just in a hurry and stuff so I'm hardly ever online for any amount of time.. but when I'm back in the UK I'll have more time to chat!

Thanks alot!


Edited at 2010-08-12 05:39 am (UTC)
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 12th, 2010 09:56 am (UTC)

I've been (mostly, I really do need to learn to speak/read Japanese!) keeping up with ya on twitter, and it sounds like you've been having fun, so I'm glad for that! Did you manage to catch Pluto?! ;D Sorry you got sunburned and sunstroke on top of that, though! Hope you feel better soon!!

I am glad we got that out of the way as well, otherwise I'd be getting worried, most likely. I really do wish Paypal was as speedy with transferring our money from paypal to us as it is to take our money in the first place, haha!

Checked out the new pics, and OMG too cute!! I seriously can't wait for it!

On to the questions/comments:
-Is the Mike hair plush the one in THIS picture (if you can spot him in the midst of all the Sully hair plushies, HAHA)? Stinks they don't have the Sully one, it's super cute! But, Mike will work as well, I think they're all super cute.

-Not sure if it is at all helpful, or if it would still apply, but on the forum I got the pics of the lanyards from, they said at least the Mike one was available at the Monsters Inc Company Store and both the Grand Emporium and Toy Station shops in World Bazaar.

- In regards to the lanyards, and if they don't have one or both of them:

Have you seen THIS pin (from the WEBSITE) in the parks? It says it 800yen on the website, so maybe if this is available it could be a replacement for one of the lanyards?

- Are THESE still available in the resort? Specifically the blue Minnie and Purple Daisy in the middle? If so, I know that the lanyards were originally like 1000yen (before your fee), I believe you said, so if you can find the pin above at 800 yen, that would leave 200 yen leftover. SO, depending on cost and all, I wouldn't mind one or both of these. If cost-wise it works out that I am only able to get one, I would prefer the Daisy, but would take the Minnie if the Daisy wasn't available. (hopefully that made sense)

Anyway, hopefully this helps, and I am super excited!

I understand you don't have a ton of extra time for the computer right now, so it's okay. I do look forward to chatting in the future, though! And I'm glad you're up for a meet up if the opportunity arises! I think it would be a lot of fun! And speaking of fun, I hope you're having a ton of it! ;)

ʚ⊱✿ряіисеѕѕ рІцто неаят✿ʚ⊱: 『☆DISNEY☆』→ TDR SSdisneyglitter on August 12th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
Hey there! Quick reply as I'm in need of sleeeep!

1)Yep that pin has just started selling this month, I believe it's a monthly pin! Saw it yesterday in fact! So that's a definite for a replacement.

2) That Mike is actually on the hair tie I mentioned in my previous comment, lol. It's a Mike and Sully hair tie in one :) The Mike is bigger and has a blue hat on.. I'll check for Sully in the Monsters Inc store 2mw (I totally FORGOT about that store, lol, thanks for reminding me, I'm not much of a M Inc fan so I don't visit it often. ysee! :D)

3) Both of those hair ties SHOULD be available and in replacement of the lanyard I can do both of them if you like?

Just let me know which you want the most soon-ish (I check my phone whilst I'm in the park so your reply can wait another 10hours or so lol, so no dire rush if you're busy atm!) But if you want me to defo get it, send an email to my cell phone, my cell's email is charli at disney.ne.jp and it'll come through like an SMS and I'll get it faster~!


p.s: And I did meet Plu!! :) So happy!
Fallen Angelangel_of_chaos on August 12th, 2010 08:20 pm (UTC)
Hey! Hope you're getting some rest right now!!

1) Oh, how awesome! I think my fiance would love it! Hmmm

2) Ah, gotcha! I wasn't sure since it was in a sea of Sully's, haha. But, hey, I'm glad I could be helpful about the store info at least!

3) That's cool! So let me give a list in order of priority, I guess:

So, I want this stuff, obviously:
1. Sully Hair Plush
2. Mike Lanyard
3. Alien Lanyard

If one of the items isn't available, I'll take the pin in replacement first. If two of the items aren't available, I'll take both the pin and the bows, and if all three items aren't available, I'll take the pin, the bows, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say surprise me with a third thing of your choosing of a comparable price! Maybe something with Lady or something like that?

Anyway, I am going to send the above to your phone as well, so you'll get it one way or another! ;)

And so glad you met Pluto! ;D